coveRadiant Heat

An electrically generated heat source for individual rooms and areas, cove heating employs radiant heat to warm the room and objects in the room. Coined "cove heating" because it is installed where the cove used to be in older room designs, individual heating units are mounted on the wall 2-1/2" to 4" below the ceiling, allowing homeowners unrestricted use of floor space.

Cove Heating Efficiency

Electric heating units are some of the most efficient heating systems available today, and cove units take full advantage of electricity's efficiency.

Cove heating units are mounted near the ceiling so that the radiant panels direct heat downward across the room, without being blocked by furniture and other objects. Radiant heat warms people directly, creating comfort conditions similar to that of the sun.

Because radiant heat warms inanimate objects in its path, walls, floors and even furniture absorb heat and provide a "heat reserve" which helps keep the room warm. In addition, a small amount of heat generated by the cove heater element is not radiated, but actually warms the surrounding air, wall and ceiling surfaces, initiating a convection-type flow of heated air which further adds to the warmth of the room.

Individual Room Control

Cove heating can be regulated by a wall-mounted thermostat, and each room can be controlled independently, letting you maintain multiple temperature settings throughout your home or office.

KC Electric's supplier is Radiant Systems(link is external).