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The Power of Membership


Welcome to K.C. Electric Association

Please look around and discover all the things your co-op has to offer. If you have any questions, please send us a quick message or email us directly. NOTE: Please do not report outages via e-mail, only report outage by phone for a better response time.

K.C. Electric Association is a rural electric cooperative organized in 1946 to bring power to the Eastern Colorado plains, including rural areas and towns of Kit Carson, Cheyenne and parts of Lincoln Counties. As a not-for-profit electric cooperative, K.C. Electric is owned by the members that it serves. K.C. Electric's headquarters is located at 422 3rd Ave. in Hugo, Colorado; its operations center is located at 281 Main St. in Stratton, Colorado. Outpost offices are located in Cheyenne Wells and Flagler, Colorado. Office hours are Monday through Thursday, 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Many K.C. Electric employees are customers as well. We know the importance of electricity in our homes, farms, and businesses. Our goal is to bring you quality, affordable and reliable electrical power. We are proud to serve you and we take our responsibility very seriously.


Our Mission

To provide our members with safe, reliable service at the lowest cost, while maintaining an environmentally responsible, accountable, and sustainable operation now and in the future.



Upcoming Regular Board Meeting of K.C. Electric--- Agenda:



February 2020

4:00 P.M.

281 Main Street, Stratton, CO. 


Beginning September 1, 2017-- K.C. Electric will no longer take credit card or check payments

over the phone.


                                  IMPORTANT -PLEASE READ- EFFECTIVE JANUARY 20,2020

At K.C. Electric Association, the goal of cybersecurity is to protect our members by alleviating identified security risks.  To better achieve that goal, K.C. Electric will no longer confirm or enter any passwords for web log-in or SmartHub.  Members now have the ability to reset their passwords.  If you need assistance, please contact one of the business offices and a temporary password will be sent to the email address associated with the billing account. 

K.C. Electric Association members can now select two-factor authentication for their account(s).  After logging into SmartHub, the two-factor authentication can be enabled from My Profile>Manage Two-Factor Authentication screen.  Select the Enable Two-Factor Authentication checkbox and complete the required information. 

Primary users can now add secondary users to their on-line account(s).  The primary user controls the maintenance of the credentials for secondary users including actions such as unsubscribing, resetting passwords and disabling two-factor authentication.  To add secondary users, after logging into SmartHub select My Profile>My Information>Manage My Registered Accounts>Manage Additional Users.  Clicking Add Users accesses the Add Additional Users dialog, allowing members to add an email address for an additional user.  Once the dialog is completed, the Manage Additional Users section will display the new information.  Please note, primary users cannot manage additional users from the Mobile application.

For questions or more information please contact K.C. Electric Association.






Statement of Non-Discrimination







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