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Prepay Metering

Prepay metering is KC Electric's newest offering. And now there may be financial assistance available for you!

You choose which is right for you!

Traditional Vs. Prepay




Connect Fee:   Connect Fee:
$20.00   $20.00
Deposit:   Deposit:
$100 minimum   $0
Billing:   Billing:
Due by the 20th of each month   Pay as you go
No monthly bill
Late Fee:   Late Fee:
$5.00 plus 1.5% of balance   $0
Disconnect Non-Pay Fees:   Disconnect Non-Pay Fees:
$95.00 - Disconnect   $0 - Disconnect
$95.00 - Reconnect $0 - Reconnect
Monthly Maintenance Fee:   Monthly Maintenance Fee:
$0   $5.00 (daily = $0.17)


If you would like to know more, please contact the Hugo office at 1-800-700-3123

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